Your Job Sucks? Six Reasons to Be Your Own Boss Now!

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I've personally never had a real job, so I haven't experienced the full effect of having to work for someone or being a number in a huge company. However, I have experienced seeing what happens to friends and family, working for the man and having to drag themselves to work everyday, and hating every minute of it. Nothing is worse than the thought of going into work every day with the one goal of clocking out at the end of the day and counting down how many more years you have till you can retire. More information here

Below is a list of just a few obvious reasons why I feel it's better to work for yourself, than making someone else rich. Yes, running a business isn't for everyone but if you are on the fence, maybe these points can help push you over.

1.) You Don't Have to Take Crap from Anyone!
Who does your boss/co-workers think they are? Why are they so much better than you, that they think they can talk to you that way? This is probably the biggest reason for having your own business. No longer do you have to take crap from anyone. You are the boss and there is no one to talk down to you, or tell you what to do. If you do expand your business out and hire employees, remember how much you hated your boss and make sure not to do the same.

2.) Be More than Just a Number
How many people in your company know your name? If you have a suggestion, complaint or comment will anyone listen? This one really depends on what your job is and who you work for, but as anyone can see, massive layoffs are happening everyday. In most of these huge layoffs, the employees were simply a number. Gone are they days when employees are given a stable position, are financially taken care of and receive the respect that they deserve.

3.) You Get What You Put Into It
In most cases, the more effort and work you put into something… the better the result. This can be stressed even more when it is your own business, because you want it to succeed that much more. Whether it’s money, growth or happiness your efforts will always determine the end goal.

4.) More Free Time for Yourself and Your Family
While not having to take crap from anyone may seem like the best benefit to working for yourself, you'll soon find that having more time for yourself and your family is what really matters. No longer will you have to wake up in the early morning and drag yourself through that horrible commute to and from work everyday but instead you can focus on spending quality time on your business, while having more free time for more important things. Time is precious, and before you know it… it will pass you by.

5.) Your Success and Failures are Your Own
Just as much as your learn from your own successes, you will learn even more from your failures. Instead of making the man or the company successful, focus those efforts on your own business or personal goals. Instead of hitting goals for your employer and getting a bonus, focus your efforts towards new personal / business goals and increase your productivity and income every day.

6.) You Really Aren't Making What You Think You Are!
The last point I will stress is one that may be more disturbing than anything else. Take your average salary, then work out the numbers and cost it takes you to maintain your job. How much are you spending daily on gas for your commute to and from work, your daily lunches, work attire and the most expensive of all your time and stress levels. Work out these numbers and you may find you are taking home a lot less than you think which makes it even easier for you to over take your current salary, working for yourself.

Of course, it's easy for me to sit here and write a list of reasons why you shouldn't be working for someone else. Not everyone has what it takes to run a business, or is ready to leave the financial stability of a job. I was fortunate enough to get started while I was in my early teens. I now have over 12 years of learning experience under my belt, making money online and loving what I do. My continuing goal with this blog is to help others accomplish their goals and be able to do the same.

Feel free to share some of your work hell stories below!

Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Contest

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Last week I mentioned there was a new contest in the works between Market Leverage and a few other blogs, including this one. Instead of the usual prizes, Market Leverage has a few new ones up for grabs. One winner will be selected from this blog to win their choice of either an iPod Nano, or a Flip Mino HD. The top three winners (across all blog entries) selected will then receive an Amazon Kindle, $100 ML Rewards card, and $50 iTunes gift card. Winners will be selected on January 5, 2009.

What is the contest & how to enter?
Step 1: If you haven’t already, Join Market Leverage.
Step 2: Look at the offers with in the Market Leverage network, and do a short write up or video on how you would promote an offer.

The concept of the contest is to “share your secrets” of affiliate marketing, but I don’t expect anyone to do that. Instead, you can talk about your ideas or how you would promote an offer if you had more time, ad money or resources. The idea here is to possibly inspire others to act and make money on ideas that you simply wouldn’t have time or the resources for.

Why you should enter!
Honestly… the amount of contests and prizes that are constantly going around is massive. However, the actual amount of people that actually take the time to write something up and enter are minimal. You can easily walk away with one of these prizes with little time and effort on your part.

Here’s my quick sample entry:
Market Leverage has an offer for a “Hollywood Profiles Casting Calls“, which pays $25.00 per signup. Here’s my quick idea on how you could build up a site and profit from this offer consistently. First you should create a new web site or blog that is targeted towards amateur spoof videos on YouTube that show people re-enacting movies or celebrity impressions. Categorize the site so people can view videos based on different categories (look a likes, movie spoofs, acting). Enable the ability to have visitor leave comments or send the funny content to friends. You can then place links throughout the site that say, “Think you are Hollywood material?” or “Do you have the looks to be a celebrity?” and they would send the user to the offer.

This is a short and simple write up of the concept, but you get the idea. An even more in-depth established site with almost the same concept is Taltopia. This social network is built up of talented members looking for their 2 mins of fame. The idea and concept is there, but it’s a project I’m not interested in started… so I pass this idea off to you.

Winner Selection
Winners will be selected based on the quality and originallity of their submission. One winner will be selected from this blog post, by myself, and will have the choice between the iPod Nano or Flip Mino HD. Three other winners will be selected by Market Leverage from all submissions to the contest, from this blog and all participating blogs. (all prizes listed above)

The final details:
i. You can only use Market Leverage as an example network in your submission.
ii. Submit your entry by a text or video comment on this blog entry. For video submissions, please upload your video to Youtube, tag it with “Market Leverage Share Your Secret and submit the link to your video in the comments section of this post.
iii. All entries must be submitted by 7pm on December 31, 2008.

- Join Market Leverage & Enter the Contest!

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Britney Spears, Top Web Searches and Where You Fit In

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The desire and demand of celebrity tabloids and political gossip in the US is amazing. In a recent article form Adotas, Yahoo reported that the most clicked story of the year was Barack Obama’s presidential victory. On the flip side, Britney Spears and her massive comeback is nearly just as popular, not to mention that she has dominated (top 10 placement) the search market for seven of the past eight years. In addition to Britney Spears, other hot topics for the year were World Wrestling Entertainment, Miley Cyrus, RuneScape (game), Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan , Angelina Jolie, American Idol and Naruto (Japanese cartoon series).

Just from looking at the list, you can tell the big names in Hollywood are the majority of searches… but how can you make money from this? If you do a search on Google for any popular celebrity, you won’t find many (if any) affiliate sites… these keywords are usually too expensive and usually only big name advertisers appear. What’s an affiliate to do? Here are a few ideas how you can tap into the massive celebrity and top searches in the new year.

Create Celebrity Polls & Surveys
Yes, they are mostly annoying and all over the place… but that’s because they work. You can easily target any celebrity, movie or new topic through Google Content Network, and still get cheap clicks. The highly recommended PPC-Coach (which I am also a member of) spends the first month of your membership, walking you through how to setup your own celebrity polls and surveys, which then back out into CPA offers. In the end, you can pay cheap clicks for celebrity traffic, get them to your survey, then pass them on to a CPA offer.

(Tip: For best conversions, setup a survey/poll site that is targeted to one topic or celebrity, then try and find a backend cpa offer that is just as targeted. Rextopia has an offer that pays $1.00 and is a celebrity quiz. Create a poll that says “Is Britney Really Making a Comeback?”,… user clicks YES or NO, then is sent to the survey offer. The possibilities here are endless. More info on creating polls. )

Create a Blog
There are a ton of big celebrity gossip blogs out there. The idea of creating a celebrity gossip site may seem fun and easy, but to actually grab a viewer base from these bigger players may be harder than you expect. Try picking out ten or fifteen different celebrities, create a gossip blog for each of them, write content (or hire someone), then link up with a few other sites and soon enough you may find one of your celebrity blogs at the top of search results. Where’s the money to be made? Easy, with little effort you could place Google Adsense on your blog… or even try getting accepted into ValueClick Media or CasaleMedia for CPM ads. The best way to find what is working on celebrity blogs, is to do a Google search for “celebrity gossip”, and see what advertisements are working on those sites.

(Resource: Looking for a list of the top celebrity blogs? My friend Daniel over at DailyBlogTips, has compiled a running list of the Top 25 Celebrity Blogs.)

Celebrity Videos & Pictures
Taking the blog idea a bit further, you can create a celebrity video and pictures web site. Using the same advertising concept as the blog, you can place Google Adsense, CPM banners or CPA links through out the site. Grab your content from YouTube, or upload your own videos which then link the user back to your web site. In this scenario you are able to get free content from YouTube for your web site, while pulling over free traffic as well. (What content, and how you get it, is another story.)

There is a never ending supply of gossip and news that is funneling people to search engines every day. Just take a look at any top search queries and you will see a new celebrity or event every day. If you have a well ranked celebrity blog, targeted towards one of those new scandalous photos sent to a boyfriend, or just got out of rehab… get ready for some massive traffic and a few extra dollars. Cover all of your bases and this could be quite lucrative!

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My Blog Readers Have Earned Over $500,000!

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Less than a year ago, I wrote a post on how my blog readers have generated over $100,000 in earnings for themselves through Neverblue. Last week I was looking over my stats again, and saw that my referrals to NeverBlue, (through this blog), have now earned over half a million dollars for themselves! Not only is this very impressive and rewarding for myself and NeverBlue, but it also shows the continuing growth in affiliate marketing and the amount of people moving towards working for themselves online.

“Congratulations to Zac on reaching the $10k affiliate referral commission mark with Neverblue this month!! To date Zac has sent approximately 1400 affiliates to Neverblue and the number keeps increasing. It is awesome to see that Zac’s referral have made over $500,000 in revenue with us. We are excited to keep growing with the affiliates and help Super Affiliates like Zac reach the $1 MILLION milestone!”
Tina Chien
Business Development Manager

With the latest milestone of $500,000+ in earnings from my blog readers, this just solidifies my reasoning for starting a blog. With so many ebooks and sales programs out there, I created this blog with the intention to offer everything I could for free, and that is just paying off more and more every day. The emails and response I receive from readers is astounding. Living the life of an affiliate marketer is truly amazing, and I look forward to seeing more of you accomplish the dream of working for yourself and becoming financially independent!

Thank you to all of my readers.

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Microsoft to Acquire Yahoo Search for $20 Billion

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Here we go again.. reports are swirling around that Microsoft is once again in talks with Yahoo for a potential deal. Now that Yang is out and Icahn has more control… I would not be surprised to see something happen this time.

I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft, and have been a long time share holder in both Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. With the massive holding Google has over internet search, it was inevitable for something to finally happen between these two companies.

So what does this mean for the future of search advertising? We all know that Yahoo and MSN deliver lower traffic than Google, but for the majority of us… usually better conversions! Yahoo and MSN marketing are not to be over looked, especially if they now potentially become one.

Where do you see this heading?

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Affiliates Networks Battle for Your Business

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It’s no surprise that business within the affiliate networks industry is cut throat and if you don’t have all areas covered, you could be wiped out over night. It’s a continuing battle for networks to offer the best payouts, while keeping their margins and beating the competition. Today we are going to take a look at how an extremely popular weight loss offer is making affiliates several thousands of dollars daily, and smaller margins for the networks themselves.

The offer we will be talking about it, “Easy Weight Loss Tea”. If you haven’t run or seen this offer in the past several months, then you have been missing out big time and must not pay attention to what is going on in the industry. For those of you that don’t know.. the Easy Weight Loss Tea offer is one of the most advertised weight loss programs out there, and only costs a small $4.95 shipping fee from the consumer for the affiliate to then earn a high $36+ commission on each lead.

Since the payout on the offer is so high, it leaves a lot of potential for how it can be promoted, while still posting a profit. We will leave talking about promotion of Easy Weight Loss Tea, Acai and other weight loss offers for another time. Instead, let’s focus on the different networks hosting this offer and what they are paying out.


Convert2Media $40.00
Ads4Dough $39.00
Neverblue $38.00
Advaliant $38.00
ClickBooth $38.00
CX Digital $36.00
Motive Interactive $33.75

As you can see, there is only a $4 difference between the low and high public rates offered by these different networks. What I’m hearing, is that most networks are getting around $42-$44 direct on this offer… meaning if they are paying out $38 on the lead, they would make a $6 profit (if they are getting $44). While these are only the public rates, and can probably get an increase with volume… it’s still a big effect on your overall campaign if you are sending 100 leads (at public rate) to Convert2Media vs. CX Digital… roughly a $400 difference.

When I was at AdTech NY a couple weeks ago, I met up with Ruck from Convert2Media… then a few days later, I got an email from his network saying they had added “Easy Weight Loss Tea” and paying $40 a lead. This was the highest public rate I had seen on the offer yet. I thought it was really cool that they would cut their margins so tightly, so they could accommodate to their affiliates and offer more than any other network. The same applies with Ads4Dough at the $39 rate.

Everyone knows NeverBlue, ClickBooth and CX Digital are huge established companies… but the smaller networks are realizing the potential in offering affiliates higher commissions and more personal services to make them succeed. While it may only seem like a $1 or $2 difference in payout… look at it in the huge scheme of a network. If network A is paying out $40 per lead and getting $42, and network B is paying out $36 and getting the same $42 for every lead pushed through their network… that is a 5% profit margin for network A… and a 15% profit margin for B. Network A is risking a lot more and profiting less by offering their affiliates the higher payout than network B. What I’m getting at is… these networks are pushing thousands of leads day and if they pay out $500,000 a month in commissions to affiliates, they may only be making $25,000 profit.

How do you feel when you see networks promoting the same exact offers at higher and lower payouts? Also, are you taking to the time to signup for these smaller networks, over the bigger names? You may be missing out!

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Affiliate Network Contests & Promotions

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There are a lot of new contests going on across some of the major affiliate networks that you should know about. All of them are setup differently so anyone can win, not just the people pushing massive volume. From random drawings, weekly campaign improvements and getting bonus prizes for a certain amount of leads… here’s what’s going on in the industry.

Big Prizes on Top of Big Payouts
Unlike other contests where winners are selected based on competitions, Advaliant is paying out to everyone for their volume, This promotion is targeted towards two of their campaigns, a new weight loss offer called Caralluma Slim and Lower My Health Insurance.

Caralluma Slim: ($26.00 payout)
Starting November 24th, 2008 through January 1st, 2009, receive cool stuff in addition to a $26 payout on Caralluma Slim.

Lower My Health Insurance: ($7.50 payout)
From now until December 19th, for every 350 leads you send to Advaliant, they will send you a $50 gift card of your choice.

- Join Advaliant

Win a Free Ticket to Elite Retreat
The PepperJam Network is always adding new offers to their network and are now offering an incentive for affiliates to increase their volume and efforts. Kris Jones of PepperJam will be speaking at Elite Retreat in San Fransisco, CA in February 2009. As an affiliate, you now have a chance to attend the event for free! The price for admission to Elite Retreat is $5,000 per ticket.

How do you win? Simply sending as much volume as you can on any of the following offers. The affiliate with the most leads will receive the free pass.

(1) Vital Acai Lead Generation Offer (Lead payout $28.50)
(2) Celebrity Sexy Pout (Lead Payout $35)
(3) Celebrity Sext Body (Lead Payout $35)
(4) Celebrity Sexy Teeth (Lead Payout $35)
(5) EZLoss Brazilian Weight Loss (Lead Payout $32.00)
(6) Video Professor (Lead Payout $58)
(7) Alibaba (Lead Payout $3)
(8) MetaboFireâ„¢ (Lead Payout $25)
(9) Total Gym Direct (Up to 11% Payout)
(10) Google Gold Mine (Lead Payout $19)

Anyone interested in entering this contest, must email to confirm their entry.

- Join PepperJam Network

The Secret is Out!
Once again, MarketLeverage is holding a promotion of their own. This time around they are looking for bloggers and affiliates to share their secrets of how they make money online. Obviously, no one is going to give their full details, so I assume (and recommend) anyone interested in this contest to be generic, while still stressing your efforts and plans on how you make money online. (ie: i make money by setting up blogs/poll for specific offers, then how you research it)

Winners will be selected based on their submitted articles and content. Prizes up for grabs are the choice of an HD Flip Mino or an iPod Nano, and MarketLeverage Swag. The top three winners (as selected by marketleverage team of hosts/judges) will also get a Kindle, a $100 ML Rewards card and a $50 iTunes card! All winning posts will also be featured on the Market Leverage blog.

This promotion will go live on December 1st, 2009… and will be posted on the blog for you to submit your entries and ideas on the contest.

- Join Market Leverage

Roll Like a Billionaire
The “Roll Like a Billionaire” contest from CX Digital it still taking place and awarding prizes. For those of you who don’t feel you are in the running for any of the massive grand prizes, you can still win any of their weekly prizes, which payout to the affiliate that increases their week over week commissions. This weeks winner will receive a 3 Night Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, including Flight and Hotel.
Of all the contests mentioned, I would think the Advaliant Caralluma Slim would be the easiest promotion for most of you to win. You only need to send 250 leads on the offer before January 1st, 2009… which is less than 8 leads per day. The offer pays out $26, and I’m sure they will go higher on volume. Just do some simple research and see how others are promoting these weight loss offers for ideas.

Feel free to leave any comments on the contest promotions and which ones you might be after.

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Introducing ZJ Blog Version 3.0

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When I first went live with, I knew I wanted to stand out from the rest. The first blog design that I had when I went live, was a custom blog design with absolutely no ads or banners. Then in December of last year I went with a new blog design after meeting with UniqueBlogDesigns. Once the new design from UBD went live, I started writing monthly revenue reports as the blog then became a new revenue source. Nearly one year later and ZJ Blog Version 3 is released and now live!

The Original and Previous ZJ Blog Design

Say “Hello” to the all new and improved First off, I’d like to say thanks to for the redesign. Nate and I were talking for quite a while about doing the redesign and I was skeptic. I loved the previous design and couldn’t imagine it getting that much better. I told Nate what I would like to see in the new design, and the UBD team worked their wonders and it looks amazing!

Besides the obvious look and redesign, here’s a few improvements on the new design.

Twitter Updates:
If you happen to miss any of my Twitter updates while on Twitter, you can now see my latest tweets on the right column of the blog.

More Content / Less Ads:
The previous design was limited to a 550 pixel area for articles and posts on the blog. The new design offers up to 660 pixels on written content. Less ad space and more content is better for all readers.

Improved Navigation:
Overall navigation has improved with a new header and newsletter subscription on the right side. The main page also features five rotating posts summaries, which are selected and considered some of the best posts from the blog.

Bigger Comments:
Comments are now easier to read and avatars are much bigger. Not only will your voice be heard, but your icon/face will be that much more visible.

There are a lot of new improvements and features on the way. Please browse through the new blog design and let me know what you think!

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Blogging Posts: Quality or Quantity?

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One of the hardest parts to running a successful blog is always having something relevant and worth while to write about. Guy Kawasaki has said many times that he now has problems writing new content on his blog, simply because he has already written so much on what he knows. On the other hand, bloggers like John Chow average over 2 new posts per day, while continually grows in reader size and revenue. As a reader, what do you prefer seeing from the blogs you visit often? Do you want new posts daily, or more high value and relevant posts a few times a weeks.

Personally, I would like to post every day on the blog. However,  if I don’t have something great to write about, I’d rather write nothing then something I didn’t feel was worthy of a post. I asked the same question above to my Twitter followers, and here were their responses.

Brian Hawkins
BrianHawkins @moneyreign BlogWorld Technorati presentation said the top bloggers do 3 posts a day. But i’d rather have one really good one a day or week.
Vlad Zablotskyy
VladZablotskyy @moneyreign Call me old but I subscribe to most blogs in e-mail. Does not make that much difference to me. But good content is always a king
Brandon Adcock
majorbta @moneyreign good posts once in awhile, i stop reading if it is mediocre half the time
WorkPlusFaith @moneyreign once in a while with great posts. Everyday becomes a bit too much, imo.
thesilly1 @moneyreign Depends on the blog. If it’s a ‘random blog’ then daily because really it’s just random anyway. Otherwise, good posts.
chadimoglou @moneyreign Once in a while with really good posts.
NeilsWeb @moneyreign def once in a while with great posts :-)
Bryn Youngblut
brynyoungblut @moneyreign I don’t think daily is a necessity, posting stuff your interested in is all I care about.
Jared Atchison
jaredatch @moneyreign quality over quantity
Charles Ngo
Dr_Ngo @moneyreign good posts
Clint Lenard ClintLenard @moneyreign once in a while… Too many blogs out there with regurgitated (sp?) posts.

So now I ask you the same question. What are your favorite types of blog posts and how often do you find relevant posts across the network of blogs you currently read?

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What’s the Next Big Thing?

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The funny thing about affiliate marketing is, you never really know that the next big thing is… but when it does hit, get ready! Here’s a list of the some best and most heavily promoted affiliate offers over the past few years. You can still promote these bad boys today to make some loot, or get ready for whatever is next!
The TRUE dating network is still one of the biggest money makers around in the dating space, but when they first started out it was even crazier. I remember seeing this offer on the networks paying $7+ per lead for free dating signups. This was simply due to the web site going live and needing to build up a massive database. If you are still promoting the offer today, think about how nice those extra few dollars per lead would have been.

Make Money Online / Gov. Grants
It was only a few years ago that companies and advertisers finally caught on about the power of FREE SHIPPING and FREE TRIALS. Whether it’s a home based business offer to teach you how to make money online, or a package promising you to glory of government grants… every network seems to be loaded up with low cost, free trial or free shipping offers that only require the user to submit a credit card, for you to get your massive $30+ commission. Good for you, usually bad for the consumer…  who will then get auto-billed if they don’t cancel or return their unwanted service/product.

Crush / SMS Cell Offers
Let’s not forget about social marketing and how to take advantage of it. We all love those annoying flashing banners that say “You have 1 message”. Sure, we as marketers aren’t stupid enough to click them.. but you know they are working, as they are still everyone. Instead of signing up for a web site, the new hot trend is for people to input their cell phone to get dating tips, celebrity gossip or even funny jokes on their phone, while getting billed $10-$20 a month. While the offers may be less advertised in the US now, they are super hot across all foreign advertising networks.

WuYi Weight Loss
The weight loss craze that started it all… and also one of the longest sales pages around, proving they work! When Wu-Yi first came out, commissions were in the high $20s to lower $30 range. Now with everyone in the world having promoted this offer, payments are all the way up to $40 per signup, just for a free trial! ($40 CPA offered at Convert2Media)

Acai Berry
After the WuYi / Green Tea craze… someone had the brilliant idea to add Acai Berry into the mix. With possibly even more promotion than WuYi Tea, Acai seems to be every where. Just search any of the main search engines for terms on “acai berry” or “weight loss” and you will see fake testimonial pages every where promoting these products.

All of these offers were super hot and converting like crazy when they first came out, and still are. The big question is… what’s next?

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I am Jared Tysak

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Please go to my new blog:


Almost 2009

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Can you believe it is already December. Next month it will be a whole new year. This year went by FAST. Have you thought about your goals for next year. Thought about saving money, losing weight, debt consolidation, making more money, etc? Start thinking now about what you want to do next year!


Mommy Enterprises

Movie Night

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We rented a couple movies last night from Blockbuster. One of the movies we watched was the new release Hancock that came out. I thought it was pretty good for a superhero movie. I would recommend it! Most of Will Smith’s movies are good anyhow. Anyone else agree?


Mommy Enterprises

Time To Start Shopping

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It is almost 5pm here in California and I bet the stores are still buzzing with mad shoppers. I am one that will be doing a majority of my shopping online this year. Not only can I find discounts, free shipping, coupon codes and whatever else, I can enjoy shopping from the comfort of my own home. I don’t like crowds and shopping with them is not my cup of tea. I remember a couple years go I went to Walmart at like 5am to wait in line for the doors to open. The lines were wrapped all around the building. I did manage to get a great deal on a TV, but I probably won’t do that again. I remember there were so many people in the store, I was having problems pushing my cart without bumping into people.

If someone in your family is asking for a telescope this year, check out OpticsPlanet. This store has a large variety of astronomy products. They got some really cool telescopes too for all types of users like Cassegrain telescopes, Barska telescopes and more. They even have binoculars, hunting stuff, outdoor gear, etc. They even offer FREE ground shipping too on orders $29.95 and more.

Until Next Time

Mommy Enterprises

For Those Moms Who Twitter

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I joined Twitter quite some time ago, about the time that it launched. I first had joined, not really knowing what it was. It became more and more popular so I decided to start testing it out. I then noticed that I was gaining traffic to my links I was promoting in my Tweets!

I found an online community last night called Twitter Moms. I absolutely LOVE it. It is similar to how Myspace works, but for moms who Twitter. You can view my profile on Twitter Moms at:

Follow me on Twitter at:

Feel free to add me as a friend or drop me a comment if you are already a member!


Mommy Enterprises

Get Your Hunny A Corum Admiral

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Today people are out shopping like crazy for Black Friday. I am at home cleaning the dishes from last night and getting caught up on the laundry duties. Now I have been out shopping on Black Friday in the past years and got some really good deals.

One of the things that thousands if not millions of people get each year are new watches. Those who go to work each day usually like to have a watch to know what time it is at all times. has some really cool watches. They have a variety of the Corum watches such as the Corum Admiral and the Corum Bubble. This site has some pretty good prices too. Most say they are discounted or at clearance prices.

The watch I have pictured in the blog post is the Corum Lady Liberty. Now this is a NICE WATCH!

Until Next Time

Mommy Enterprises

I Just Won A $25 Gift Card To JC Penney

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I am so excited. My turkey is cooking in the oven and I have been patiently waiting, I decided to try a couple instant win sweepstakes online. I have won a couple things in the past, but I am won that feels like I am not going to be a winner. I signed up for the JC Penney Feel The Joy Of Giving Sweepstakes Today. You can play up to 10 times per day. I think it was my 6th try and I won a $25 gift card to JC Penney. The sweepstakes ends December 23, 2008 so get to playing!


Mommy Enterprises

Happy Thanksgiving

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I wanted to wish all my readers out there a Happy Thanksgiving! I am already in the kitchen this morning baking pies and getting ready to stick my turkey in the oven soon!

Enjoy Your Day

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More Wants For The Home

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Today I was talking about how I want to buy new couches for my living room. Well another thing I wouldn’t mind changing in my house is the stuff in my bathroom. The Bathroom Vanity that I have. Now the one I have is very old. I know the one I have is not the one that originally came when the house was built, but it is old. I was looking at and boy do they have some awesome vanities. These are Bathroom Vanities that I expect to see in my dream home one day. This site has Discount Bathroom Vanities that are to die for!

What is really cool is the Double Vanity for two. I think this would go good in a house with only one bathroom and two people getting ready in the morning. We have a family of 6 and only one bathroom. Sometimes it gets frustrating when one person is using the sink and another person wants to use it too!

My whole bathroom needs a makeover and hopefully one day I can afford to remodel my whole house. I want brand new carpets in the bathroom, a new kitchen, new blinds in every room and whatever else comes to mind.

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My New Strawberry Shortcake Blog

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I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake. I had everything you could image Strawberry Shortcake related when I was a kid. I had all the dolls, the bedding, the lunch pail, etc. When I had daughters and Strawberry Shortcake became popular again, I got excited. I decided to create a blog just about Strawberry Shortcake Stuff.

If you are a fan of Strawberry Shortcake too, be sure to bookmark my new blog. It is going to be fun. Here is the link:


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